Introducing the all new 'Bean Patty', a delicious, flavorful, healthful, and versatile vegetable food fully prepared from black-eyed peas. The Bean Patty fulfills the need for a delicious, healthful, and versatile vegetable patty that could be served as an entrée or snack.

The appealing features of our 'Bean Patty' is it's delicious taste, high fiber and nutritional content convenience, timesaving, satisfaction, versatility, and ease in serving. This fully prepared and frozen vegetable patty appeals to those who are interested in eating healthy foods. Because of it's high plant protein and significantly low fat content ( less than3% fat), the versatile 'Bean Patty' could be served alone as an entrée, or as a side with rice, as a vegetarian burger, and when cut into small chunks, as a hors d’oeuvre.
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